Written by Sophie Wyatt

Wednesday 29th March 2023

Lafayette, London

Perfomance: 9/10

Album 9/10

Since blasting into the music industry back in 2021, Leicester-born SOFY has cultivated a huge, loyal fanbase and an exciting musical library. And with no more than 2 EP’s released yet, it’s clear that the young singer-songwriter/football fanatic is on to big things. This year SOFY released her second EP “Bored in Colour (pt.2)”, which was eagerly awaited following a number of much-loved tunes that came from her first, such as ‘Strawberry Milkshake’ and ‘Lads! Lads! Lads!’.

When we spoke to SOFY back in 2021, the artist described her music as “if Easy Life and Jorja Smith were fucking and OutKast were watching“, but since then her youthful, quintessentially British tunes have made a category for themselves. Touching on everything from lost love to eating cheesy chips out a bin (for the second time), “Bored in Colour (pt.2)”‘s lyrics hold a heavy sense of relatability in their view of the joy of growing up and the struggles of understanding how to navigate life.

At her biggest headline show to date last week at Lafayette, the crowd were packed in and ready to go. As her pink-clad band of guys walked on to the stage to take their places, the cheers began. And with a sprint and jump into centre stage, SOFY’s entrance released a roar of applause from the fans. Kicking off with upbeat tracks ‘Egomanic’ and ‘Chameleon’, SOFY was sure to get the room chanting lyrics from the very start. As the night went on, shots of rum were passed around from stage and blow up footballs were headed around the venue – the high vibes were certainly not lost. Even throughout the slower songs ‘I’m Not Sorry That You’re Mine’ and ‘BTW’ taken from her latest EP, the crowd were transfixed.

Desperately called back on with the classic ‘ONE MORE SONG’ chant from the crowd, SOFY and her band returned to the stage to sing unreleased track ‘Twisted Together’, which started out calmly before breaking down into a fun, SOFY-esque beat. And to end, her track ‘Big Talk’ which was recently added to FIFA’s playlist; a crowd favourite, which was made evident as the crowd got somehow even louder in their willing to echo the lyrics back at the band. SOFY’s made her stamp on the industry early on in her career and we can’t wait to see where she goes from here.