Written by Sophie Wyatt

Photo by Maclay Heriot (@maclayheriot)

Surf-rock modern-psychedelic Aussie group Babe Rainbow are here to takeover your chilled summer playlists. After debuting their 60s-esque music back in 2015, the group of four friends has spent time travelling the world, growing an eclectic discography and fan base. Macadamia nut farmers by trade, near surf professionals and three time album releasers, it’s safe to say that Babe Rainbow are entirely unique. We were lucky enough to chat to guitarist, Jack Crowther about the bands journey through music, working with Jaden Smith, and their recent album release ‘Changing Colours‘.

As ever, we must start at the beginning; how did Babe Rainbow come to be? In their true surf-rock style, the group came together over their love for the ocean, beer and ‘doobies’. Their wholesome story only adds to their authentic love of life and music.

Elliot used to put old surf movies on a projector in the back yard of his share house and sell a sausage on bread, a beer, and a doobie for $10. I use to cycle over, that was where we all met. When Angus and I moved to rainbow bay Babe Rainbow started, next thing we were making songs in Elliot’s old bookshop in Murwillumbah, hip pocket.’

Describing themselves as ‘Four Ozzie hippies en route for Saint ettiene‘, it’s clear that their journey thus far has been organic and wholesome. Jack went on to explain that they never expected to be where they are now.

I played classical guitar at school, I think Angus was in an organised company of singers, Elliot always groovy kickin, Miles was named after Miles Davis.’

Photo by Maclay Heriot (@maclayheriot)

While the whole world have felt the brunt of the pandemic, some countries have been luckier to have controlled it more effectively. Luckily for Australia, it was one of these places. While touring had been cancelled, the guys were still able to meet up and do what they do best, create music.

We continued to write and record at our band studio in Federal and with all the babies that were being born, the break from touring suited us well. I feel very fortunate that this is how it played out for us, seeing how severely peoples lives have been impacted everywhere else.’

One of the group’s most popular tracks is ‘Your Imagination‘, featuring Babe Rainbow mega-fan Jaden Smith. Son of legendary actor Will Smith, Jaden Smith (or just Jaden to his fans) has become renowned for his experimenting work in the music industry. So naturally, the multi-award winning musician fell in love with Babe Rainbow’s sound the moment he heard it. We asked Jack about how it was working with Jaden and how the song came about.

We wrote the song in Topanga then Angus’s singing was purposefully sparse, so when we connected with Jaden it was super automatic. He just did his thing over the top. Now we are continuing to collaborate on some new songs. Strange not having physically met him it will be cool when we eventually make it over there again or vice verser.

With such chilled, vibes that touch on feelings of nostalgia, we wanted to understand the inspiration behind it. And their answer was only too true to themselves and their sound.

‘Surfing, gardening, listening to grandpa music. Musically talented friends and family. Cookbooks, children’s books, Japhy Ryder.’

Finally we asked Jack what we can expect from the future of Babe Rainbow. First of all he told us what we can expect from their upcoming album release; ‘few potential bangers and few whimsical ones.’ Aside from their most recent album release appropriately named ‘Changing Colours‘, Jack gave us a brief idea of what we can expect from the colourful band.

We are enjoying it more and more and I reckon getting better, perhaps a bit less retro.’
Head over to Babe Rainbow’s Spotify page to hear more of their summery, nostalgic sound, including their latest album release ‘Changing Colours‘.