Written by Becca Hemens

Singer-songwriter Victoria Jane cements her sound of soulful feeling with the release of her upcoming Demos Vol 2

Following on from 2023’s Demos Vol 1 which exhibited an exploration of style and identity, Victoria Jane’s upcoming release, Demos Vol 2, showcases an artist who has established her singularity as a vocally rich and soulful composer. Born in London but raised in Manchester, Victoria Jane has honed her talents as a producer, freestyler and singer-songwriter along with her inherent love of music to solidify her status as a prominent emerging artist of the UK R&B/soul genre. While hosting her own ‘Future Soul’ feature on BBC Radio 1 has allowed her to mix with soul successes such as Normani and Etta Bond, her portfolio boasts a plethora of venues, from Manchester’s infamous Band On The Wall to KOKO Camden. Having supported artists such as Wayne Snow and JGrrey, her presence as a performer combined with her appreciation and knowledge of all things soul has clearly enriched her talents, amalgamating in the release of these 3 new hits. So now, its finally her time to take centre stage. 

Opening up with her lead single ‘Prove It’, the vulnerability of this performance is palpable, as she melodiously pleads with her lover to reveal their true intentions and “show me how” they will end this period of uncertainty and heartache. With the instrumentals embellishing these emotions, the soft and echoed vocals show her fragility through the more refined approach to deep feeling and soul that embodies this EP. The next track on this release, ‘Not Fair’, establishes a more R&B-centric tone as she ponders the pressures of family and society on her 24 year old self. Questioning “why are we never good” while ensuring she’s okay but “barely floating”, Victoria Jane vocalises the all too familiar millennial quarter-life crisis felt by so many. And so the themes of frustration, endurance and love continue to dominate this release. Ending Demos Vol 2 with ‘Say You’ll Love’, we are transported to a dream-like state of soul and gratitude. As clarity has finally been reached and an understanding of the freedom of uncertainty is celebrated, the EP is left on a high of divine power and purpose. Through the 3-track journey of insecurity, survival, and finally trust, Victoria Jane eloquently reflects on her personal development as both a woman and an artist in an ever-changing landscape. 

While maintaining the format of a demo, this release, both in quality and depth, more closely resembles the sophisticated and carefully composed work of an experienced artist. Victoria Jane has successfully employed her emotional intellect with her extensive musical talents to create a symphony of authenticity that will no doubt resonate with her audiences. Her insight into and love for the industry of soul and R&B is at the forefront of her EP, and has proved to both enrich and polish her repertoire. With an appearance scheduled for London’s leading jazz, funk and soul festival ‘Cross The Tracks’ this May bank holiday and a co-signing from music icon Timbaland who professed his love for her vocals on a recent Instagram live, Victoria Jones proves that good music for the soul satisfies every appetite. 

Victoria Jones’ second project ‘Demos Vol 2’ is out 23rd February 2024.