Written by Sophie Wyatt

Tia Lowe is the new voice you need to know. Her buttery smooth vocals and jazzy basslines evoke sensual, sexy, self-confidence in whoever is listening. Having grown up with a mum equally enamored by music (Lou Mullenger, one half of “The Melody Men”), Tia slipped into creating music from a young age. Speaking from her home studio, Tia explained that while she is “no Hendrix or anything”, she uses her guitar to blend melodies and create more defined sounds within her tunes. 

The 22-year-old songstress uses emotions and experiences from within her own world, but makes them accessible for all her listeners. After releasing her first solo single ‘Rockaboat’ in 2020, her fan base has grown with every release. Taking inspiration from artists like India.Arie, Lauryn Hill and one of her personal faves D’Angelo, Tia’s music has been described as some of the best music for a delicious summer’s day. Speaking on the feel of her music, Tia said; “I would describe it as neo-soul with jazz undertones. Maybe there’s some sparkly R&B in there. With ‘Coochie‘, there might be a bit of pop in there. I want my music to make people feel good, sexy, feminine. To make people feel good about themselves in general.”

Tia’s newest single So Easy, taps into the carefree emotions of love and wanting. Produced by close friend AJ Jones and co-produced by her mum, the love song revolves around emotions of “how a kid feels in a candy shop”, says Tia; “sugar rush off your love won’t you give it to me. I must have been feeling particularly in love this day but generally once the first lyric was written “just like ice cream & all things sweet” everything just flowed pretty naturally. My Mum co-produced the track and added all the subliminal sounds that make you fall in love with the song even more!

Having found her feet in the industry, Tia is excited to explore a whole range of new sounds in her tracks over the coming months. “It’s not good to box yourself in”, the singer said. She then expressed that while her music is in the neo-soul vein at the moment, she is hoping to branch out and try out a lot of different genres as she continues to grow alongside her music. I’d love to do something with Jungle music, sounds really random but I really love Jungle music. Maybe a remix of one of my songs could be cool.”

Alongside being an emerging artist, Tia is also a mum to her son Levi; “I’m a perfectionist,” she explained. “And I’m a mummy so there is always a lot going on. But I’m so passionate about music and I want to carry on making it.” And carrying on she will. With a stream of singles on the horizon and an EP on the way, this is just the start for this undeniable talent.