Written by Sophie Wyatt

London based singer-songwriter and producer Faye Meana has brought yet another mesmerising song to our playlists. Since releasing her first music in 2016, Faye’s music has continued to grow alongside her. Drawing on her love of a range of music from Ereatha Franklin to 80’s pop to reggaeton, her music has a unique level of creative experimentation. Having started playing music from a young age, Faye grew up “devout to piano”, which led her to where she is today. “I always knew musics what I wanted to do, there was never anything else.”

Having been influenced by her mother’s love of disco and her father’s taste for Motown have been big influences on her musical identity, Faye’s childhood was already set up against an epic music backing track. So when talking about the style of her current music she explained that “I would always say there’s an underlying soul element, I think that’s going to be inevitable throughout my whole life.” 

Her sounds are layered with different genres and musical inspiration, which are then set against emotional filled lyrics. “I like being vulnerable and being open knowing that so many other people can relate.” As we continued to talk about the themes within Faye’s music, it’s clear that this level of relatability is something that Faye holds dear when creating her songs. “When I receive messages from people saying my songs have depicted a part of their life, I think that makes it all worth it for being open and transparent with people about the good and bad feelings. It’s also nice to reflect on my music from when I was feeling a certain way and how I’ve grown from that.”

Producing her own music also gives Faye the chance to watch her music develop from start to finish. Which she did with her one of her latest tracks ‘Stuck In The Middle’. The fun 80’s inspired anthem fully embodies Faye’s creativity alongside a catchy track. “I was listening to so much 80’s pop last year. Like the cringy catchy 80’s pop. I was listening and thinking the production is just so wild and fun.” Which ended up manifesting itself into ‘Stuck In The Middle’. 

Aside from the love of creating her music, Faye is also using her place within the industry to encourage other women in music to produce their own tracks. “I think 100% with female producers. People would always ask who produced my music and they’d be shocked. But there are so many more women producing their own music which is so cool. I’d love to do something to encourage women to produce. You have to just do it, you make mistakes but the more you try and make mistakes the more you’ll improve in the end.”

Finally we got on to Faye’s future projects. With so much on the horizon for this exciting new artist, she gave us a glimpse into what we can look forward to. “It’s quite different. It’s more reggaeton, it’s got a switch up in it. Then I will be putting out an EP May/June time. The summer will be about getting in some festivals and good shows.”


Head over to Faye Meana’s Spotify page to hear her latest tracks.