Written by Amelie Thacker

Rising R’n’B artist Alysha launched into the new year with her latest track ‘Lord Help Me‘. Alysha explained the story behind the track which stemmed from her “relationship with God and how at the time, I believed I had to be this perfect person to fit in God’s eyes when it’s not true”. Throughout the song, Alysha reflects on her relationship with God and this has connected with many listeners around the world. Alysha is excited knowing how many people have connected with her music, stating “It makes me happy and proud knowing someone else enjoys my music or can relate to it.”

Photo by Frank Gorski

Alysha’s signature smooth R’n’B vocals are accompanied by a blend of Neo Soul undertones and syncopated percussion. Alysha doesn’t want this abstract sound to fit into a specific genre category, as she explains making music for herself that she loves and wants to share with the world. “I don’t really have a sound, so many people want me to be something I’m not and put me in a box. I’m not a box.” Alysha’s music is empowering and has relatable lyrics for her audiences to connect with.

The accompanying music video for ‘Lord Help Me‘ is based in a candle lit church where Alysha’s band join her in performance. She is portraying her religious journey in this location where we see a beautiful and uplifting setting. When asked about the process of creating the video, Alysha laughed “It was fun but super hectic, we had to go over shots again and again”. The dedication and diligence has clearly paid off as Alysha’s music video has reached over 130,000 in just one month! 

Talking on the track Alysha says: “Following in the footsteps of some of my favourite gospel and soul artists… the lyrics discuss my exploration into spirituality – and the realisation that I had to fill the void I found within myself – that it wouldn’t come from anywhere else”. Alysha’s aim for her audience was for them “to relate and to enjoy” her music which ultimately brings her audience together.

Alysha wants to carry this on by talking more about God and his word throughout her lyrics. “I also wanna talk about things going on in my life, in the world and other people’s stories. Not just love and intimacy”. She aims to progress with her music and break boundaries that are not often covered in modern day music. This refreshing and surprising take to her writing will allow Alysha to further reach new audiences and continue to progress in the industry. A mixture of new themes for writing, fusions of styles of music and out of the box ideas, highlights Alysha’s vision and creativity that we see throughout. 

Alysha now has an impressive 408k on Instagram and over 120k on Tiktok. This aim of getting into music has been a goal of Alyshas from a young age as she states she always knew it was what she wanted to do. From writing songs in primary school and being a Music prefect, Alysha is now taking the music world by storm, as she awaits a headline show at Canada Water Theatre in March 2023.


Head over to Spotify to hear Alysha’s latest track ‘Lord, Help Me‘, as well as all of her previously released projects.