Written by Sophie Wyatt

Born and raised in Norway, rising star Maggie has been building her knowledge of music and simultaneously creating tracks of her own. The sing-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and growing producer believes that there needs to be major changes within the industry in order for to make space for women. And she is doing just this by making her art known around the world.

With such a rich sound, it was clear to us that Maggie was obviously brought up around an abundance of music. ‘I’ve been around music for as long as I can remember. Especially with my family – my dad was a musician. I got introduced to music from when I was a baby and I guess it’s grown into this thing where I’ve found a passion in doing it myself’. And it certainly wasn’t long before her creative juices started to flow and she set out on her quest to follow her dream.

And before we got on to the subject of her music, we wanted to know where exactly her musical influences lied. She explained to us that her influences have continued to develop as her knowledge of music and taste has progressed with age. ‘I’ve always had a lot of influences from huge artists, but I could never compare myself to those certain artists. It was all the greats, Whitney Houston and Prince and all of that. The older I got I started to listening to more emerging music, because I started doing a lot of jazz and blues. And then I heard Florence And The Machine for the first time and was just thinking ‘what is this?’, it was something completely new to me. I take influence and elements from so many different genres.

Then we got on to the topic of Maggie’s latest releases ‘Paralyzed‘ and ‘My Love‘. Released earlier this year, these tracks show some of the range Maggie has to offer – both tracks exhibiting different sounds and tones. ‘For the first two singles – ‘Paralyzed’ has a lot of Phill Collins drums in it and elements of rock and pop. And then ‘My Love’ is basically an acapella track with bass and a pad and a sub, it’s very minimalistic.‘ And this is just the beginning…

These tracks are set to be part of a larger project that Maggie is currently working on. She explained to us that the upcoming songs will continue to show this substantial, musical range, while also including running themes. ‘The project that I’m currently working on is more based on vocals and the vocals being the one in charge. As opposed to the other way around where the production kind of takes over. It’s pop meeting some type of Bon Iver, maybe some electronic elements. I don’t know, I feel like it’s a mix.’ Maggie’s next single ‘Circles’, she told us, will continue to experiment with melodies and solidify her running theme of testing the new. The six song EP will be released single by single between now and early next year when the project is set to be fully released.


Head over to Maggie’s Spotify page to hear more of her music including ‘Paralyzed‘ and ‘My Love‘.