Written by Sophie Wyatt

2020 has definitely been a trying year so far, to say the least. We’ve had to put a lot of our lives on hold including some of our favourite hobbies. But luckily some of our best-loved podcasters have found creative ways to carry on, despite quarantine. In these confusing and, at points distressing times, positivity and creativity are some of the key elements keeping everyone sane. So we’ve compiled a list of some light-hearted, educative and fun podcasts to take your mind off things. 


Table Manners

Jessie Ware and her mother Lennie are still cooking up a storm (from separate houses of course) for their podcast Table Manners. The pair usually invite a celebrity over to their London pad, cook them a starter, main course and dessert and have a good chat about life, careers, music and most importantly, food. With the help of modern technology, the pair are continuing to catch up with celebrities such as Nick Grimshaw, Dua Lipa and Emily Maitlis from the safety of isolation, while enjoying some of their favourite dinners  –  spotify:episode:2ufWrEq0BG0rlqUjuX1MEq


The High-Low

It’s back! After a brief 3-month break following the birth of a new member of the Sykes family, Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton have returned to our headphones this week with their humorous pop-culture and news podcast. The pair explain, after a short chat about the current state of the world, that they are going to talk about Covid-19 as little as possible in order to keep the podcast as the fun, uplifting platform it is, as well as a way of taking people’s minds off the world for a few hours. They are also using 100% of the profits from their merchandise as charity donations for both Woman’s Aid and the NHS Charities Covid-19 appeal. So tune in to hear them talk about a whole menagerie of things from their favourite literature, books and articles to what foods and fashions they’ve been admiring from the comfort of their homes – spotify:episode:6RCwcr9nEIWSlzVvUKX7ag


Killing It

Jordan Stephen’s podcast Killing It gives us an insight into the lesser-talked about side of being a musician; the mental health issues. Together with psychotherapist Petra Velzeboer, Stephens discusses both troubles he has encountered himself, and that of different musicians who join him in each episode, to show that although ‘it may look like they’re killing it, in reality, life is much more complicated’. Ella Eyre, Brett Anderson and Liam Payne are just a few of the amazingly talented guests who appear on the show and let us into the techniques they have used in order to survive within the the world of music – spotify:episode:1vPPJzdW6dK62HlnmtgMmS

Off Menu 

Comedians Ed Gamble and James Acaster are still inviting celebrity guests into their imaginary restaurant to pick their dream menu, however odd they may be. Full of decisions that are later scrutinised and episodes full of humorous gags, the podcast is hilarious and light-hearted. One of the most recognisable traits of the show is the forbidden ingredient. Decided on at the beginning of the episode by the two hosts, the mentioning of said ingredient by the guest results in immediate termination from their dream restaurant… although the chances of someone adding salmon-skin or hops to their dinners is very slim. Tune in to hear some wacky dinner combinations and see which (if any) of the celebrities get kicked out before dessert – spotify:episode:6PNVaT0Flr7ir7k5ue6azi

3 Shots Of Tequila

Nothing is off limits for Marvin Abbey, Mr Exposed and Tazer Black, as they give you a window into truthful London living as well as some of the black culture within the city. The podcast is very much based around three friends having a casual conversation, which results in funny but also heated chats. The trio of best mates fill this podcast with banter, chat and insightful discussions on life – spotify:episode:5W5vXXo5Uas8TMqdOjE9yj