Written by Becca Hemens

Video Girl Barbie turned pop sensation Mette Towley has established 2023 as the year she defines her narrative.

With the release of her dance evocative album ‘METTENARRATIVE’, Minnesota-born Mette Towley moves away from her dance troop days and departs on her next solo endeavour. Having made her name as the star of N.E.R.D and Rihanna’s ‘Lemon’ music video in 2017, Mette has continued to dominate the dance world since. Now using her faculty as a dancer turned actor turned musician, her upcoming album is set to soundtrack club dancefloors and conquer the music sphere. Taking inspiration from powerhouses like Prince, Janet Jackson and Robyn, Mette also credits ‘spaces’ as being an integral part of the process for this release. From festivals to bars and clubs, ‘METTENARRATIVE’ embarks on creating a forum, born in the depths of the 2020 lockdown, for where her music can live.

Opening with the humbling sound clip of a young Mette and her father introducing her name to the world, the album’s first track is the leading single ‘FOR THE PEOPLE’. Combining afrobeat rhythms with hauntingly powerful vocals, Mette initiates ‘METTENARRATIVE’ as an album with movement and energy at the forefront. Following this is the second release ‘VAN GOGH’, a pop-dance ballad with an infectious beat that will ensure a lively audience, thanks to the production of Mike Sabbath and Johnny Latimer. As she chants out her motif “I could be Van Gogh’, she reflects the true artistry and skill that has gone into this hit. Accompanied by the camp and eccentric music video, she demonstrates her “multifaceted” and “multi fabulous” range of personas. Next up is ‘CHOCOLATE CITY’, a homage to her heritage as a mixed-race American performer. This track departs from the upbeat pop tone of the album and functions as a thoughtful break, while still maintaining the overall dance aesthetic of her work. ‘PSYCHO’ embodies the it-girl power of Mette, as her dominant and bold attitude evokes a confidence and reclamation of “crazy” that assures to empower women alike. As the album launches into ‘ACID RAIN’ with the chorus’s refrain “I Can Feel Love”, she augments this idea of harmony, both emotionally and physically, as womanhood and dance combine to create a symphony of unity. Finally, Mette closes the album with the first single of ‘METTTENARRATIVE’, “MAMA’S EYES’. Fusing the themes of empowerment, movement and vigour heard across the album, this song defines Mette as a sophisticated talent writing from both the heart and the dancefloor. It’s no wonder it has already hit No.1 on the dance charts.

After 3 years in the studio, ‘METTENARRATIVE’ has been born out of pure emotion and grind, coming together in a moment of triumph for Mette. Her voice as a solo artist has been found and presented to the audiences, and is assured to get everyone through the coming winter months.


METTE’s debut album ‘METTENARRATIVE’ is out now.