Written by Sophie Wyatt

Sydney-based artist MADAM3EMPRESS is setting the world alight with her explosive music. Growing up between her birth home in Australia and family home in South Africa, the flourishing artist incorporates both cultures into her music to give us the unique blend that so perfectly represents her. Her music explores the dimensions of love, family, passion and female strength. We caught up with MADAM3MPRESS to discuss her vast musical knowledge, understanding the definition of your true self and her latest track ‘Some Type Of Way‘.

With such an ambient range of musical influences, it only seems right that MADAM3EMPRESS’ love for music started at a very young age. She explained to us that growing up, her surrounding were constantly filled with music. From here she grew her passion and developed her sound to become the breath taking artist we have before us. She went on to say that rather than a pinnacle moment of clarity of wanting to pursue music as a career, her love simply blossomed into a career.

I grew up in a house with my parents constantly playing music – Gospel Music, Captownian Jazz, R&B and soul. I also grew up performing in front of people constantly so I would say my first prominent memory is my cousin’s sisters and I putting on a full production musical for my entire family at our gatherings!

I wouldn’t say there was a complete pinnacle moment. I’ve known I’ve always wanted, and even needed to pursue music in some form. I would say that after taking a trip to London in 2019 and being completely immersed in the culture, it gave me courage to pursue music as a career. It felt so natural and I knew it was what I should be doing.’

As artists and creatives around the world continue to grow and develop, so does the term ‘genre’. Genre-blending has become more and more popular as artists find music making more accessible. And so songs become harder and harder to confine to simply one ‘genre’. We asked MADAM3EMPRESS to sum up her music outside the realms of ‘genre’.

My music is painting a picture of what strength is, whilst revealing the complexities and the nuances that exist within defining one’s truth.’

MADAM3EMPRESS’ music reveals much about her inner being. Her emotions are on full display as she invites fans to listen in as she bares her heart and soul. So we asked where it is exactly that her inspiration comes from.

My inspiration comes mainly from my relationships. I feel like a lot of artists like to be secluded and they are inspired on their own, however, I am who I am because of the people around me and I get so much inspiration from that. I keep my circle tight and close – these people are my constant muse’s, they are always challenging me and pushing me to think and create.’

The flourishing artist then went on to speak about her latest single ‘Some Type Of Way‘. She explained that this song pushes the boundaries of her vulnerability within her music. The track takes listeners on a journey into the inner workings of MADAM3EMPRESS’ mind and her true emotions.

Some Type Of Way’ is the most vulnerable, and at the same time, one of the strongest songs I’ve ever written. It’s about the discovery and acceptance of your feelings, and it’s about breaking down the barriers that society has put on all of us regarding the concept of strength. ‘Some Type Of Way’ explores the concept that vulnerability is strength, just to be still and sit in a place of uncertainty and confusion is strength, and, to embrace what we don’t yet know within ourselves is strength.’

While she has in fact exploded on to the music scene, MADAM3EMPRESS’ attitude towards her situation is very nonchalant. While she acknowledges the incredible achievements she has already created for herself, she explains that her vision for the future is to go with the flow. And we are ever as excited to see where this flow takes her and her music.

Honestly, I don’t know and I like it this way. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have this overwhelming feeling that tells me it’s going to be bigger than I imagine. All I know is that if I stay authentic and be true to myself whatever is meant for me and my project will be – just work heard and stay focused and the universe will do the work.’


Head over to MADAM3EMPRESS’ Spotify page to check out her latest single ‘Some Type Of Way‘.