Written by Sophie Wyatt

Bermudan-born Bassette first appeared in the music scene in 2016 when she featured on Joe Hertz’s single ‘Playing For You’ and since then has been working on developing her own R&B sound. Now based in London the singer-songwriter is continuing to do shows around the city ahead of her upcoming EP.

So I’m originally from Bermuda, but I moved to the UK when I was five. I moved to Scotland first and then moved to Sheffield and now I’ve been in London for four years and I was studying psychology at Westminster for two years. I started really focusing on my music when I moved to London‘. 


After moving and growing up in so many different places, Bassette narrowed down her first prominent memories of music to when she lived in Scotland at eight years old.

I was just watching Beyonce on TV and I just remember wanting to be like her. And I remember for christmas my friend got a karaoke Pop Idol CD and I went to her house and we recorded ourselves singing, and that was the first time I’d recorded myself, and I thought I sounded ok. That was when I realised I wanted to get into music’.


Bassette explained to us that listening to Motown and Soul music with her parents when she was younger had a big influence over her music taste and song writing, and told us the artists which influenced her the most growing up.

Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse was a really big influence as well, Destiny’s Child; they’re probably the main three’. We also asked what kind of artists she is into at the moment and who her dream collaborations would be with; ‘At the moment I really like H.E.R., Mahalia, SZA obviously, Beyonce but that’s not going to happen soon, I’m not going to kid myself. Khalid, I really like him, his new album is super good’.


Over the past few years that Bassette has been producing music she has also worked with the likes of Ms Banks and music producer Joe Hertz, however she told us that she is planning in going in a different direction with her up-coming music. She also spoke to us about plans for her newest music.

A more R&B, soul kind of sound. I have a new EP coming out, I have all the songs finished I just need to get some of them mixed. I’m planning to put out a single around January time, we’ve already done the artwork, and I’m going to start working on visuals for it‘.

Give Bassette’s newest song ‘She Bad’ a listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dN-hoKZnG1g