Written by Sophie Wyatt

Since landing in our headphones back in 2017, Mathilda Homer has continued to steal our hearts. Her emotional and relatable has had us crying, laughing and dancing around our rooms. And now, she is back and better than ever. ‘I’m Sorry‘ is Mathilda’s latest explosive single. Not only does it exhibit her musical talents in general, but also her raspy power-house vocals. We got the honour of talking to Mathilda about her latest projects, inspiration and what we can look forward to in the future.

Starting at the beginning, we took Mathilda down memory lane. With such an eclectic range of talents, we wanted to know what started off Mathilda’s love for music, and how she found herself pursuing her passion.

My first prominent memory of music, was lying in my bed on school nights, and downstairs directly under my room my parents would be practising with their band. My mum also used to wake me up every morning with a CD from a band she was in called ‘shopping trolley’ and the lyric of the song was ‘I wake up at 5 in the morning’ really upbeat and she’d dance around my room.
Strangely enough, the first original song I had written and performed was at my grandmas funeral ( dark I know ) but there was something so freeing and peaceful about singing something I’d written at such an event like that, celebrating a life. And then I realised I’d probably want to carry on writing songs.’

Worldwide lockdowns have turned creative industries on their heads. Artists, musicians and writers alike have been forced to find inspiration in a now very mundane day-to-day life. Social distancing has also seen live shows turn into live streams, and shows across the world be cancelled. So we asked Mathilda how she has been dealing with this strange time, and if there were any positives she is taking away from it.

At the start I felt confused, as I really thrive off performing live, as nerve wracking as it is, it gives me a real buzz. But then all of that was taken away from us. It took me a little while to find my social media feet and I’m still learning, but I think the advantage to it has been connecting (virtually) with strangers who I have something in common with. Music.’

Like so many of our favourite artists, Mathilda’s sound is always developing. Her natural talent is evident, but her musical talents are continuing to grow as she does the same herself. And as the music industry moves forward, the idea of ‘genre’ is one that is becoming obsolete. Mathilda went on to sum up her music outside the narrow category of ‘genre’.

I’d say my music is singer-songwriter style, very much based around melody and lyrics as opposed to ambience. Hopefully relatable. Heavier than it used to be. Back to my roots of classic songs.’

Full of softs keys and emotive language, Mathilda’s newest track ‘I’m Sorry‘ takes her listeners on a journey into the inner workings of her mind and heart. She explained to us that the track stems from not one, but many different relationships with the people closest to her.

The story of ‘I’m Sorry’ is broad, I’ve experienced it with friendships, relationships, family members. It’s when you know you should really say what you’re feeling, but you know the easiest thing to do is just apologise.’

And much like her latest tune, Mathilda’s earlier music all focuses on the world directly around her. While her music is inherently close to her specific soul, it is still entirely relatable to her devoted listeners. She gave us a window into the inspirational journey she takes in creating her music.

Walking around, watching strangers, talking to friends. Living as much of a normal life as we can in these times. Making sure I’m doing things that can inspire me, not staying put in a studio for days on end. I think now I’ve found my balance between writing and living. You can’t write songs about anything if you aren’t experiencing enough.’

While we wait with baited breath for our live shows to return, so do our favourite artists. When asked what we can look forward to in the future, Mathilda replied with some very exciting answers, which we will wait on the edge of our seats for.

Hopefully a worldwide tour. Maybe a podcast with my music friends. Lots of live things, and lots more interacting with people who like my music.’


Head over to Mathilda Homer’s Spotify page to hear more of her latest work, including brand new track ‘I’m Sorry‘.

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