Written by Sophie Wyatt

At only 20, Emilia Tarrant is already establishing her smooth, honest sound within the music industry. Connecting with music that discusses the day-to-day struggles of life, Emilia’s love for music soon grew into her life’s passion. She explained to us that from the age of 4, her mum would admire her love for music and passion for singing. ‘She was just so shocked and that’s when she knew there was something musical about me. I don’t even really remember that specifically. But I guess when I properly got into music was when I started writing when I was about 12. I started learning piano as well. Mum was actually learning, but I sat down at it one day and just started playing random notes and wrote a song.’

From the tender age of 12, Emilia’s heart was set on creating music. She explained that topics such as which university to go didn’t even enter her mindset – it was music that she wanted to pursue ‘I’ve never changed my mind about it and I don’t think I ever will either.’

And having had a much different experience within her time in the industry, thanks to the pandemic, this summer has seen Emilia and her music blossom. This includes a set at the iconic Glastonbury Festival. ‘God it was so surreal’, she explained. ‘It still hasn’t hit me that I actually played Glastonbury. It’s so different when you’re there to when you watch it on TV. It seems like an exclusive world that you’ll never get to experience. Having played a set at The Hive opposite the BBC Introducing stage, Emilia was completely admits the magic of the festival, and it certainly was not lost on her. ‘It was such a lovely vibe, the people watching and Glastonbury in general.’

One of the singer-songwriter’s latest tracks is the incredibly popular ‘Same For Me‘. The track follows Emilia’s underlying theme of vulnerability set against soothing tones and building vocals. ‘The story behind ‘Same For Me’, came about after I went through… quite a bit‘, she laughed. ‘I wrote it after going through some ups and downs, someone really close to me helped me through it. It’s basically on mental health, which is the same for a lot of my music. It’s about supporting the people you love in your life through anything, and knowing they would do the exact same for you. It’s something I’ve been really lucky to experience. It was quite a personal song in the end actually, but so many people can relate to it at the same time.’ ‘Same For Me‘ will be featured on Emilia’s upcoming EP, expected to be released in October.

After discussing this track, it was no surprise to us when Emilia explained how much it meant to her to see people connect with her music. ‘I think for me, because my songs are so personal, I love releasing my work and watching people relate to it. That gets to me the most, because for me its all about connecting with people. And knowing my songs will make someone feel something. I really listen to the lyrics to songs and I want to connect with the song – they’re always the kind of songs that end up in my playlist.’

Finally, Emilia spoke about what we can look forward to in the coming months. While she is continuing to release a steady stream of singles, we are on the edge of our seats while we wait for not only her EP but the exciting musical career in the coming years. ‘‘Same For Me’ is the second single from my second EP that is coming out later this year. It’s been really exciting because I’ve been working with Will Hicks who has produced like Ed Sheeran and stuff. I’m also playing at a few gigs over the summer – aiming for more London gigs. So more singles and then the EP in October time.’


Head over to Emilia Tarrant’s Spotify page to hear more of her recently released tracks.