Written by Becca Hemens

Wednesday 1st March 2023
Concorde 2, Brighton
Performance: 9/10
Album: 8/10
An Enigmatic and Sensual Performance for an Album of Melodic Reinvention and Feminine Power
As ELIZA strode onstage amidst provocative red lights and billowing smoke, her new era of amorous soul and R&B marked a swift departure from her ‘Doolittle’ days. As the music began, the crowd were instantly immersed in what was not simply a gig, but a show from start to finish. Her seductively cool demeanor paired with the subtly impeccable choreography of her backing singers entranced the audience into a united sway. The songs were distinctive yet complimentary, ensuring the aura of mystique and sexuality ensued throughout her performance. While her hits ‘Alone & Unafraid’ and ‘Wasn’t Looking’ from her 2018 album ‘A Real Romantic’ proved to be top crowd pleasers, ELIZA’s new material such as ‘Heat of the Moon’ certified the continued success of her new and more sophisticated genre. Through lyrics like “Man, I’m feeling feminine” and “Come on let’s get naked” and her impassioned magnetism, she celebrated feminine autonomy over an audience left engrossed by her presence and begging for more.