Written by Sophie Wyatt

At just the age of 19, alt-pop star dexter has released yet another project. After starting to make her unique sounds back in 2020’s lockdown, the rising musician has been lending her hand to DIY tunes that have been filling playlists around the country. Her latest EP ‘Fortune Cookie‘ takes her music down a fresh route while still encompassing her clearly identifiable sound. When speaking with The Face, dexter explained ‘I hope people can relate to the songs on there as some of them are very personal,” she says. ​And that they enjoy the new sounds I’ve been trying out – because it’s been very fun.’

The songwriter’s debut EP, I Do Love a Good Sandwich, was crafted using her Mac, a few pieces of software, and the on-board mic. Showing exactly how DIY dexter goes when making her entrancing tracks. Having toured already with Denzel Curry and supported Fred Again during one of his shows, its clear that dexters trajectory is continuing to climb.

Her new 6-track collection takes listeners on a journey through several different tempos and sounds. Having released ‘Pressure‘, ‘Something Real‘, and ‘Vexed‘ earlier this year, fans were more than excited to hear what else this project would have to offer. And we can tell you now, they do not disappoint. Subtle but consistent beats (leaning into a sound that mirrors a kind of PC/D&B mix), mixed with buttery vocals, ‘Fortune Cookie‘ is yet another win for the growing artist.


Head over to dexter’s Spotify page to listen to ‘Fortune Cookie‘ right now!