Written by Sophie Wyatt

Photo by Anuk Rohde

Combining a whole heap of different layers of genres, Berlin-based Lxandra is making a name for herself with her unique and instantly recognisable sound. After moving to Germany from her home in Suomenlinna, a small island off the coast of Finland, Lxandra has been creating music that showcases her eclectic range of musical knowledge and her captivating vocal range. We caught up with the flourishing artist to discuss her Scandi-pop sound, her upcoming debut album and the future of her music.

Although you may initially think that growing up on a small, secluded island may have a big effect on the way you intake pop culture, Lxandra found a way to integrate music into her daily life. She explained to us a bit more about her first prominent memories of music growing up and how it was that she came to realise she wanted to pursue music as a career.

Hard to say, there are many, but I used to listen to Joni Mitchell’s Hejira on vinyl with my dad. Back then I called vinyls big CD’s. We also listened to Pat Metheny Group in the car a lot and my mom loved Norah Jones. I have many warm memories from my childhood connected to their records. First song I wrote was a Christmas song to my parents when I was maybe 5, they recorded it and I sound like a little chipmunk on it,’ she laughed.

‘I always knew I wanted to do something creative in music or/and film. But after I had been in Berlin for a long weekend writing in 2015 with some friends, and I realised writing songs can be a job, I knew I wanted to try it and see where it takes me. The connection to nature [while living on a small island] has definitely influenced my style and music taste I think. Also being a little isolated has given me space to find and simply be who I am and walk my own path.”

While our favourite venues have been closed and our beloved gigs put on hold, we have had to refer back to streaming all of our favourite tunes. Added pressures to keep up contact with fans has also meant artists have had to transition from live shows to live streams. Lxandra gave us more information on how she has been spending her time in lockdowns and what it has meant for her craft.

For me it’s been a good time to stop and look inwards. Go through some stuff with myself and reflect on everything that’s happened in the last 5-6 years. I realiSe I’m very privileged when I say that despite everything, the past year has made me more myself and more confident with who I am and what I want to do. Of course I miss collaborating with more people, traveling and playing live etc, but it’s been good to be on my own and to find the right few ppl around me during this time. Also so happy that my debut album is finally gonna be out in the world!

Photo by Anuk Rohde

As we move further and further away from the idea of ‘genre’, artists are beginning to develop different and unique sounds that cannot be confined to one term. So we asked Lxandra to sum up her music more broadly.

Hopefully comforting sad and happy at the same time kind of music you listen to with a glass of wine in your hand (or a cup of tea) feeling cozy on the sofa.

In the run up to Lxandra’s debut album which will be released in June this year she has been releasing tracks to get us excited. One of her latest releases ‘Sabotage‘ has been hugely welcomed by fans around the world. She gave us an idea of the process that went into the moving tune.

I actually wrote it with two other writers in Berlin in 2017 I think. I wanted to write about our destructive tendencies as humans. Nature and the climate has always been something I’ve been passionate about and I wanted to comment our ignorance towards our home in a relatable way. You can hear the song as a story about a toxic relationship between two people or as a story about our toxic relationship to the planet.’

Finding inspiration over lockdowns has been hard for everyone, but especially creatives. With lockdowns closing off our routes to family, friends and the outside world, it has meant that we have had to look closer to home for artistic vision. Lxandra explained to us that her inspiration comes from simply the life around her.

Everywhere. Life, friends, movies, books, just my own experiences. Sometimes I feel like inspiration is something that comes with the wind and if you’re in the right, open mood you can catch it. Being connected to myself and to my surroundings always opens doors to new inspiration.’

While we hope and pray for summer to finally reach us, we are also waiting with baited breath for that perfect summer soundtrack. And not to fear, Lxandra is supplying us with just that. We can expect her debut album to be released some time in June, and in the mean time the singer-songwriter gave us a bit more of an insight into the inspiration behind it.

It’s a dream trip through love, loss, trauma, survival and healing. I wanted to be as honest and vulnerable as possible on this record and create a dreamy landscape for the story.’

Finally we asked Lxandra what we can expect from her in the future. Much like her unique and unpredictable sounds, she left us on with some broad but exciting ideas.

No idea, and I love it! So excited for whatever there is to come.’

Head over to Lxandra’s Spotify page to hear more of her Scandi-pop tracks, including her latest single ‘Sideways‘.