Written by Sophie Wyatt

South London singer-songwriter and multi-talented musician Plumm is recreating the idea of genre with her eccentric, ‘genre-less’ music. Since entering the music scene back in 2018, Plumm has worked within a number of organisations and orchestras, growing her musical knowledge and developing her own sound. And it wasn’t long after Plumm started releasing her own music that she was chosen along with 8 other fellow artists and bands to be a part of Gilles Peterson’s young musician programme Future Bubblers. Since then, Plumm has gone on to release a number of different projects and solidify her instantly recognisable sound – including her latest EP, ‘Chameleonic’.

The growing artist really puts her musical and vocal talents to work in this collection of tracks. Raspy tones and gripping beats make up each song, but they are all also incredibly unique. Performing her track ‘Flame To Flame’ at the Future Bubblers showcase at Jazz Cafe last year for one of the first times, listeners could tell this would be a winner. The track experiments with deeper sounds, the type that really get you in the chest.

‘You Are The One’ also captures new sounds, especially as the track is a live version. Dipping into jazzier sounds in her song ‘Navarac’, the songs all bring different sounds and musical levels to Plumm’s body of work. Her work with varying arrangements, both on stage and behind the scenes means that these sounds really are entirely unique to Plumm.

Described as an ‘audible manifestation of alternative futurism’, this EP really does strike a new tone for the flourishing artist. 


Head over to Plumm’s Spotify page now to hear her EP ‘Chameleonic‘ now, along with the rest of her striking tracks.