Written by Sophie Wyatt

Since entering the music scene back in 2016, prospering British-Nigerian artist Obongjayar has kept listeners on the edge of their seats in wait of a big body of work. While a steady stream of EP’s and collaborations with well-reknowned artists such as Little Simz and Pa Salieu have kept us tantilised, we want a larger window into Obongjayar’s creative brainwaves.

Obongjayar’s rasping, powerful voice is utilised in a much different way throughout his newest project ‘Some Nights I Dream Of Doors’. From a booming sound captured in many previous tracks, the artist condenses his voice into a chilling yet soothing whisper. Opening the 12-track album with dreamy song ‘Try’, welcomes listeners into a new chapter of the artists life and work. Exploring personal emotions and self-discovery, tracks such as ‘New Man’, ‘All The Difference’ and ‘I Wish It Was Me’, really hone in on these vulnerable feelings.

However, songs such as ‘Tinko Tinko (Don’t Play Me For A Fool)’ hold a sense of recognition for Obonjayar’s earlier pieces of work. The upbeat, afro-beat style tracks are far from forgotten by thsi diverse and growing artist. And while he is clearly dipping into new avenues of sound and aesthetic, he makes it very clear that this is a journey of progression, not outright change.